Hello World (and a Tardis Soundscape)

Hello world!

I’m a sci-fi/fantasy enthusiast and a researcher in physics. Here, I aim to bridge the gap between science and science fiction. Fantasy Science also appears as a column on FilmInquiry.Com called Fantasy Science & Coffee:


You can also find me on Facebook at facebook.com/thefantasyscience.

What you should expect:

Articles – my thoughts and explanations behind sci-fi and fantasy stories in books,movies, tv shows and comics

Idea Toolbox – interesting science and tech tidbits and resources. May be useful as sci-fi/fantasy ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Writing Prompts – Specific writing prompts

Currently trying to sort out this new WP site. Till then, here’s one of my background soundscape mixes to help with productivity:

Inside the Tardis with the Doctor: https://soundcloud.com/ambient-soundscapes/tardis

Because who DOESN’T want to be working in the Tardis right now??

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